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Step 1: Read the wimax dictionary file. It will help you understand what
types of data you need to be putting into each attribute.

update disconnect {
	User-Name = "%{User-Name}"
	Calling-Station-Id = "%{Calling-Station-Id}"
	WiMAX-AAA-Session-Id = "%{WiMAX-AAA-Session-Id}"
	WiMAX-DM-Action-Code = Deregister-MS

The session ID needs to be identical to the one returned to the ASN-GW
during network entry.

man unlang for more info.

For testing from the CLI echo the required attributes into radclient. man


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Subject: ask for help on WiMAX + Freeradius + Disconnect

Hello, friends,
As I met some problems when using Freeradius to send Disconnect Request.
Hope you can give me any suggestions.
Please let me describe my issue.
First I created a packete.txt for radclinet.exe.
The content of packet.txt is as:
After packet.txt was sent to AGW, radclinet debug window said: “Unknown
WiMAX-Session -ID or Unknown WiMAX-DM-Action-Code ”

WiMAX NWG 1.3 says: RADIUS Disconnect Request Message
isconnect Request message should be defined with the following:
User-Name、Calling-Station-Id、 WiMAX-Session-ID、 WiMAX-DM-Action-Code

So I must add and make WiMAX-Session-ID and WiMAX-DM-Action-Code sent by

Could you please give me any suggestions on how to add the attribute of
WiMAX-Session-ID and WiMAX-DM-Action-Code into the sent message ?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

Xiaochen Chen @ WiMAX Test Lab
Beiing , China

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