Freeradius not unescaping \ and "

Murray Long murray at
Fri Sep 3 13:26:22 CEST 2010

I have the following setup:
CoovaChilli accepts user login requests and sends radius packets to
freeradius then proxies the requests (based on realm) onto a second
freeradius server.

If I attempt a login with username "A\" The first freeradius server recieves
packets with UserName atribute = "A\\" and sends a packet to the sencond
radius server with username attribute = "A\\\\"  (as reported by wireshark)

So it looks like freeradius is not correctly unescaping the username
attribute.  (Or incorrectly re-escaping) before the proxy.

How is freeradius expected to behave when escaping backslash and quote
characters before proxying?  And is it possible to alter this behavior
though configuration?

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