Logging ntlm authentication

Garber, Neal Neal.Garber at iberdrolausa.com
Wed Sep 8 03:56:06 CEST 2010

> IIRC, it was to remember replies better.  When the inner tunnel
> returns accept and the outer sends a challenge... remember the 
> accept for later.

I just cloned and built the latest 2.1.10 to do some testing.  I did a PEAP-MSCHAPv2 authentication, with bad credentials, using eapol_test.  What I found seems to indicate the problem I was referring to still exists in 2.1.10 (probably because I wasn't clear enough in describing the issue).  

It seems that after ntlm_auth fails, it sends the EAP failure via an Access-Challenge.  Then, after it receives the response in the next Access-Request, it sends Access-Reject.  This is how it behaved prior to 2.1.9 also (this is what I meant by "extra round trip" in a previous post).  The problem is that any information stored in an attribute, after the ntlm_auth failure, will not survive the subsequent Access-Challenge, Access-Request.  I can post the debug output if you'd like to see it.

When I originally discovered this, I suggested storing the ntlm_auth output in the eap handler so it could be saved in Module-Failure-Message when the response to the EAP failure is received.  Is there a better approach?  If you tell me your preference, I'd be willing to create a patch..

Thanks for your time Alan.

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