Disconnect idle user

Yevgeny Kosarzhevsky yevg at pisem.net
Sun Sep 12 16:35:55 CEST 2010

Alan DeKok wrote:
> it doesn't work
ok I am providing the output from radius:

rad_recv: Disconnect-Request packet from host port 36257, 
id=33, length=36
         User-Name = "test"
         NAS-IP-Address =
server coa {
+- entering group recv-coa {...}
++[ok] returns ok
+- entering group send-coa {...}
++[ok] returns ok
} # server coa
Sending Disconnect-ACK of id 33 to port 36257
Finished request 46.
Going to the next request
Cleaning up request 46 ID 33 with timestamp +2708
Ready to process requests.

So, it accepts COA request, but how can I make it to disconnect client 
on NAS, e.g. to send Disconnect message to NAS IP?

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