Failed default PAP and PEAP in CentOS

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Tue Sep 14 21:36:37 CEST 2010


> freeradius-1.1.3-1.5.el5_4
> If  I add, to the top of /etc/raddb/users:
> bob     Cleartext-Password := "hello"

yep - that wouldnt work in 1.x

> But I added to the top of /etc/raddb/users of the next way:
> user User-Password == "pass"
>         Auth-Type := EAP
> And It's Ok.

aye - but you dont need to set the Auth-Type

> Now I updated the freeradius to version 2 and I did the same configuration, now I have in users file
> user Cleartext-Password := "pass"

thats 100% correct

> But when I added to the top of /etc/raddb/users of the next way:
> userY User-Password == "passY"
>       Auth-Type := Local

no. thats wrong. its Cleartext-Password :=   not anything else
and dont set the Auth-Type unless you really really know what you 
are doing and why you are doing it (basically, it breaks the server
in nasty 'GoTo' style ways and will stop normal nice bahaviour

> ++[files] returns noop

really? in this case, the daemon is not reading the same file
that you think it is....check that.


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