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Lance Haig Lance.Haig at
Thu Sep 16 09:13:59 CEST 2010

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the response On this particular server we have not run any
updates to the software stack as it is our policy to only update at regular
intervals so that we can catch these things.

I only sent the e-mail to the list after spending the day in freeradius -X
and -Xx to see if I can find out why it is failing.

I wanted to start fresh with a server so I could see at what stage it starts

But funnily enough the new server lets me auth against ad using a local
query using radtest and a forced auth method of "DEFAULT     Auth-Type =
ntlm_auth" in the users file.

As soon as I try to auth using my cisco wirless conection it fails unable to
find the realm.

That is why I was asking how the doc's on the site match up to the latest
conf files. So I can find out where to add the REALM settings so that it

We also have 2 AD trees we connect to but once I get the one working the
other will be easy.

Thanks for the help


On 15/09/2010 20:38, "Kenneth Marshall" <ktm at> wrote:

> Many times this is caused by a software update to the system.
> To figure out where the problem lies, you will need to follow
> the very well documented procedure for debugging freeradius
> if you do not have logs of what was updated on the system so
> you can rollback the update(s).
> Cheers,
> Ken

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