Connecting the dots.

Lance Haig Lance.Haig at
Thu Sep 16 13:05:30 CEST 2010

HI Alan,

Thanks for the response mine are inline

>   Well... nothing in the server magically changes it's behavior on a
> certain day.  *Something* changed.

I agree and I am having a hard time finding what.

>   And... what does the debug output say?

I posted my debug output to the list in another mail but I will add it to
the end of this mail so they two are on the same page as it were.

>   The documentation is pretty clear on this, as are the comments in the
> configuration files.  It's more efficient to read them than to ask a
> question on this list, and wait for an answer.

I beg to differ.

The documentation does not match the current config file structure and so it
is very difficult for anyone to follow. Your insinuation that I am being
lazy by asking a list for answers would be valid if that was the case.

I do realise you have had to answer many questions on this subject but I
would recommend a review of the docs tomake sure it is easier to follow for
people then your argument would be valid.

Please do not take this as a flame just someone hoping to find out how to
use a great tool.


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