[help] Mikrotik WDS + WPA2-EAP TLS + FreeRadius = failure

Denis Iskandarov d.iskandarov at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 13:21:18 CEST 2010

 forgot to mention that my try to make:

 heck_cert_cn = %{User-Name} =>
 entered in users db username same as CN is in certificate with
 password supplied during client-cert generation with OpenSSL (A
 challenge password []:whatever)

 didn't work.

 As well as placing my real cert data in this filed:

 check_cert_issuer = "/C=ZZ/ST=Yyyyy/L=yyyyy/O=Xxx"

 No luck!

 Also i've mentioned this comments in eap.conf:

 #  If check_cert_issuer is set, the value will
 #  be checked against the DN of the issuer in
 #  the client certificate

 What is DN? maybe this one should be configured and work properly ?

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