queue radius message when resource is in use

kabilius smith kabilius at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 19:50:37 CEST 2010

Hi all,

Happy Friday!

Radius version: 1.1.7-r0.0.2

Here is my problem:

I have configured the FreeRadius server to write to a file c:\test.log, and
one of our programs reads contents from c:\ test.log as well.

When our program is reading c:\ test.log, we open it with “deny write”
permission, so the I saw the error message “Error: rlm_detail: Couldn't open
file c:/test.log: Device or resource busy” in Radius.log.

My question is:

Can FreeRadius be configured to “delay write”? meaning, if it is unable to
access c:\test.log, could it queue the message, and write to the file at a
later time?

My 2nd question:

When FreeRadius receive a radius message, can it redirect the message to
another TCP or UDP link?  If it is possible, then we will just setup a TCP
or UDP link to listen for the message from the FreeRadius server.

Thank you,

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