Radius proxy - kind of

Matija Levec Matija.Levec at astec.si
Fri Sep 24 16:24:08 CEST 2010

Hi everyone!

First a little bit of explaining...

		- auth_server 1
client - fr_proxy -[
		- auth_server 2
(client=random NAS, fr_proxy=freeradius, auth_server=two-factor auth server(s))

Currently we have clients authenticating directly to auth_server 1.
We would like to gradually (and transparently) move users to new authenticators which use auth_server 2

What I would like to accomplish is: If auth_server 1 returns notfound or reject or fail, proxy request to  auth_server 2
Is it possible to use 'configurable module fail over'-like syntax for configuring proxy (home)servers?

I hopes this makes sense.
Anyway... all ideas appreciated!


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