sending accounting for two home servers

Evgeniy Kozhuhovskiy ugenk at
Mon Sep 27 20:01:24 CEST 2010

>> Thnx. Already. But is it possible to do such thing without accounting
>> files enabled?

>   What does that mean?

>   Not that it matters... the way to send accounting packets to two
> locations is via the method I previously described.  If you want to use
> another method, patch the server.

May be we've misunderstood each other.
But, as far I understand, you suggest such scheme:

First, we're proxying packet to home_server1 using realm module
Second, we store packet in pre_proxy_log
Then, we read it using detail listener from another virtual server
Last, we proxy it again using Proxy-To-Realm from second virtual server

Or not?

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