Version 2.1.10 has been released

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Thanks so much for all your work, Alan... and to the others who contributed their time to this as well.

Steve Lovaas

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  Thanks to everyone for being patient.  Version 2.1.10 has just been

  The changelog is quite large for a "stable" release.  We've fixed a
number of minor bugs.  We've also added features which have been
requested for a long time.

  Most notably:

* Print out large WARNING message if we send an Access-Challenge for
EAP, and receive no follow-up messages from the client.

  This means that when EAP has been misconfigured or not deployed
correctly, the server will print a message in debug mode saying "go read
a specific page on the Wiki".  That page contains detailed instructions
for how to solve the problem.

* Added support for TLS-Cert-* attributes. For details, see
raddb/sites-available/default, "post-auth" section.

  This means that much more complex certificate checking can be done.

* Updated more documentation to use "Restructured Text" format. Thanks
to James Lockie.

  This makes the documentation simpler and easier to read.

  There are a number of other minor features which "round out" the
server functionality.  This makes it the best release for stability,
documentation, and ease of use.

  Alan DeKok.
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