doubt regarding free-radius

Michael Bathe michael.bathe at
Wed Sep 29 15:34:09 CEST 2010


I couldn't  solve my problem with this package. I think that not all
dependencies could be fulfilled because of my core-installation.

Finally I installed free-radius from blastwave

pkgadd -d pkgutil_i386.pkg
pkgutil --catalog
pkgutil -a freeradius
pkgutil -i freeradius

# if there are problems with generating certs following worked for me
cd /opt/csw/etc/raddb/certs/
date > ./random

radiusd -X


Am 29.09.2010 14:33, schrieb vijay:
> Hi,
>    i saw your posting regarding segmentation-fault while  run
> following command on solaris10-x86.
>    /usr/local/sbin/radiusd -X
>    Iam also facing same problem.How you resolved it.It will be helpful to me.
>                                    vijay

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