thread pools in 2.1.10

Keven Smith-Worthylake Keven.Smith-Worthylake at
Tue Jan 4 21:09:20 CET 2011

I tested using the "listen" configuration, but still had the same result.  But if I comment out the "thread pool" section and everything works fine.

Any other ideas?


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Keven Smith-Worthylake wrote:
> When we start radiusd with a thread pool configured, none of the requests from the pam-radius-auth proxy client are serviced/processed.  The client never gets a reply from the server.  From the server logs, the request is never seen.

  Because it's not listening on any ports.

  You appear to have copied your configuration from 1.1.7 nearly
verbatim to 2.1.10.  This is probably not a good idea.

> I noticed that when the server is started without the thread pool, the following logs are displayed (but they are not displayed when the thread pool is configured):

  You've also ignored the warning message before the text you quoted.

  Add a "listen" section, as given in the default config for 2.1.10.

  We don't really test 2.1.10 with copies of the 1.1.7 configuration.
It's *intended* to mostly work.  But if it doesn't work, well... people
can always read the warnings, and/or use the 2.1.10 configuration.

  Alan DeKok.
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