first authentification fail second one works

Markus Burghart markus.burghart at
Thu Jan 6 17:35:56 CET 2011

  Hello Guys
I'm writing from Germany.
I write my Bachelor Thesis about the Freeradius Projekt. I have a 
problem and i can't find a solution for it, at the internet by myself.

I'm using version 2.1.9 of freeradius and everything works fine with the 
authentifications agains my Freeradius server, if I'm logged in at the 
system (Mac OSX, Linux and Windows)

But I want to perform my authentifications while the system is currently 
booting because i use a LDAP Directory Server and i can't login against 
the LDAP Server if i haven't got a running Network-Connection (i will 
get the Connection if the 802.1X Authentification is successful.
So i use wpa supplicant on Linux and w2secure on Windows to perform the 
Authentification while my system boots.
But the debug mode tells me, at the first authentification test, that 
i'm running in a access-challenge (no reasons were given). Now, if i 
wait one minute and do nothing while waiting this time, i get a 
access-accept packet.

Can you tell me why this happens and what can i do, that the 
authentification works with the first run while the system is still 
booting and so i could login to my operating system.

I'm looking forword to hear from you
Yours Markus rslautern 3724

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