RADIUS, EAP and FreeRADIUS presentation in French

Aurélien Geron aureliengeron.freeradius at wifirst.fr
Sat Jan 8 00:14:59 CET 2011


I wrote a presentation of RADIUS, EAP and FreeRADIUS, in French, for my colleagues.  The presentation is quite detailed, and I thought it might be a good introduction for anyone interested in RADIUS, EAP and FreeRADIUS.

I used Keynotes on Mac and I exported the result to HTML (unfortunately, it actually produces a bunch of roughly 170kB JPEG images, I don't know if there is a better export solution to HTML).  Here's the result:

I have two questions:
is anyone interested in helping me translate it to English? I could try to translate about 10 slides per week in my spare time, but given that there are 215 slides... it will take months !
is there any better place you would recommend my publishing it? I would be happy to make it open source, should anyone else want to fix errors or contribute more information (I covered writing simple python modules, but not C modules, for example).

Note: some of the diagrams are extracted from a WiFi book I wrote a few years back, and my publisher authorized me to publish some extracts on my website, but I will probably need his authorization before I can make those diagrams open source (I don't think he'll mind at all, though).

Thanks for your feedback,
Aurélien Geron

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