Two host with single user account in 802.1x with FreeRadius

Xuan Sun xuan.sun at
Sat Jan 8 01:00:57 CET 2011

Hi All

I find some issues with FreeRadius and look for some suggestions.

I have two hosts, connect to a dumb switch. This dumb switch is connect to a
Cisco switch (production network). 802.1x is configured in the Cisco switch.
"multi-auth" is configured in the switch interface, so it supports multiple
MAC addresses in the single port.

As long as I use different user account in the two hosts, the 802.1x
authentication works fine.

If I uses the same user account/password in tow hosts, the 802.1x
authentication is not working.

Is it a Freeradius issue or switch issue ? Is there any way to fix it ?

Thanks in advance.

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