Loadbalancing and failover using different servers

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Fri Jan 14 13:08:56 CET 2011

Juan Perez wrote:
> I want to implement a RADIUS load-balancing and failover scenario using
> FreeRadius and Cisco ACS. The idea I have in mind is to have these two
> servers answering to RADIUS requests in a round-robin fashion and should
> one of them for some reason go down, the other one would take care of
> answering to the RADIUS requests.

  You will need a load balancer in front of the two servers.

> Have any of you implemented such an scenario, using FreeRadius together
> with another RADIUS server from a different vendor? If so, what are the
> main problems you found doing this (incompatibility, high-maintenance
> costs, effort, etc)?
> I'd be very glad to hear from you as to why such an scenario
> make/doesn't make sense.

  I don't see why you would put two different servers into one
load-balance pool.  And even worse, pairing a horrible server with a
great one!

  Alan DeKok.

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