Authentication with a script

Alexander Clouter alex at
Fri Jan 14 21:40:34 CET 2011

Martín Ruiz [] <martinruiz at> wrote:
> do you know how to test a FR server with mikrotik routeros too? I need to
> make something like radtest to avoid going to my APs with a laptop to test
> the server from an AP. There I have a SSH console, Telnet and routerOS
> scripting to test this.

> I know this is a *bit* offtopic.. but perhaps I have a good luck too : P!
Off topic, hijacking the thread (bad boy, stop hitting reply, it retains 
the 'References' header), with an HTML payload, and with a stupid 
disclaimer and a poor email signature.  No candy for you.

Alexander Clouter
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