Freeradiusd 2.1.8

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Tue Jan 18 22:27:14 CET 2011

Brian Carpio <bcarpio at> writes:

> I have a production environment which is running freeradiusd 2.1.8 and
> last night in the logs I see the following message
> Sat Jan  1 20:11:24 2011 : Error: Mon Jan 10 17:04:58 2011 : Info: Exiting normally.
> No one was on the box doing anything... I was looking into this issue
> with google and came across a thread back in Nov 2009 about an issue a
> user was experiencing with radiusd 2.1.8,

2.1.8 was released Dec 30 2009.  But freeradius version numbers are
usually updated early in the developement cycle.  The code discussed in
Nov 2009 was a development version between 2.1.7 and 2.1.8.

IIRC the issue discussed was fixed well before the 2.1.8 release.  2.1.8
was very stable.

> and this user send some gdb dumps to the development team... I can't
> seem to recreate the issue as quickly as he does (plus my server is in
> production) but I didn't see any follow up if this is a known bug? Is
> this fixed in 2.1.10?

There are lots of fixes in 2.1.10, which has been as stable as 2.1.8 was
for us (2.1.9 was not...).  I would have upgraded before investing any
more time debugging the problem. Maybe even to current git, as 2.1.11 is
really close according to Alan DeKok.  It may not fix your problem, but
at least it will make your debugging useful to the developers. 2.1.8 is
getting sort of outdated.


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