Help needed with user authentication

Luke Hammond luke at
Wed Jan 19 03:24:52 CET 2011

Hey, i am new so sorry that i know nothing about Freeradius.

Basically, i found a tutorial and followed it to get Freeradius2, Mysql 
and Daloradius working together.. that part is ok.

But i am confused with this:  I want to have a wireless network, that 
will be open, and when a user connects and tries to browse they get 
redirected to a page where they have to login, and that will talk to 
freeradius to make sure the user is authorised, then it will accept them 
and continue to where they were trying to browse to.. Thats basically 
what i need, but how does Freeradius do that? Where is that page so i 
can edit it with my logo or whatever?  Or do i need more software to 
have that login page?

Please assist, am desperate here to get this working.. thanks in advance!
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