Proxying authentication from FreeRadius to Cisco ACS

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Wed Jan 19 14:40:01 CET 2011


as per message previously sent, 'eduroam' SSID must be all lowercase.
and thats a MUST.  SSID are case sensitive...if you have Eduroam then all visiting clients
will need to be reconfigured to use it.

>    Suse Linux 12. I am proxying authentication requests to a Cisco ACS. When
>    testing using radtest from the FreeRadius box authentication is proxyed to
>    ACS fine and i get an access-accept back. However when i try from a
>    wireless client the proxy response from the ACS is an Access-Reject. In
>    the failed attempts logs on the ACS it says bad username or password. i'm
>    pretty sure im using the correct password. Is there any reason why this
>    should not work? I've posted my logs below:-

>    length=61
>            Proxy-State = 0x323130
>            EAP-Message = 0x04a00004
>            Reply-Message = "Rejected\n\r"
>            Message-Authenticator = 0xbcede120e168d2d92558e5f4ab8e03d5

check your ACS logs to find out why it went wrong - as thats the system that
decided that things werent right - FreeRADIUS is just a simple proxy in this
picture. I would assume that its something to do with the realm not being handled might need to strip or nostrip it (in proxy.conf) depending
on your ACS configuration and policy settings.

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