force_check_config - how to use?

William Bulley web at
Wed Jan 19 19:08:37 CET 2011

About twenty months ago, a commit to src/main/modules.c occurred with
the following comment:

   Allow administrators to force_check_config

There is a check inside find_module_instance() in that file for a
value pair of that name with a value of "yes":

   cp = cf_pair_find(cs, "force_check_config");
   if (cp) value = cf_pair_value(cp);
   if (value && (strcmp(value, "yes") == 0)) goto print_inst;
   cf_log_module(cs, "Skipping instantiation of %s", instname);

The use of force_check_config doesn't seem to be documented anywhere.
The only hits on Google are from the above commit.  I have seached
back three years on this list for the string force_check_config to
no avail.  I assume I need to have a force_check_config value pair
with a value of "yes" somewhere in the request, but I don't know
how to make that happen.  Any pointers would be appreciated.  Thanks.



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