Problem with iPods/iTouches

Terry Simons terry.simons at
Wed Jan 19 19:32:31 CET 2011

Hi Rob,

Can you please do the following:

Install the iPhone Configuration Utility (if you don't already have it you
can get it here:

Connect an iOS device to the system that has iPhone Configuration Utility
installed and open the application.  You should see the connected device in
the left pane.  Select the device.  Once selected, click the "Console" tab
in the right-side pane.

This will give us some logging information (possibly nothing useful, but
worth a shot).

Once you have this set up can you collect a packet trace while you reproduce
the problem?

Send me an E-mail with the logs and packet trace.

We can continue discussing off list - but the above information is useful
for other FreeRADIUS users.

- Terry

On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 6:22 AM, Rob Yamry <ryamry at>wrote:

>> Does this problem also happen with iOS 4.x devices other than the iPod
>> Touch?
>> Does the problem happen with non-Enterasys gear? (Do you have any that you
>> can test with?)  Additionally, what firmware version are you running on the
>> Enterasys gear?  Can you share your config (or at least the relevant
>> pieces)?
> Hi Terry-
>    The problem also happens with an iPad.  Ive had a teacher report
> problems with his iPhone too, but I havent gotten my hands on it yet.
>   We dont have any other wireless gear except for the Enterasys controller
> and APs.  We updated the firmware to v7.31.03.0005 last week but we also had
> the problem on the previous version as well v7.31.2.10.
>   A default config for FreeRadius 2.1.8 or 2.1.10 shows the problem.  As
> for the controller, the settings on the SSID its set to use WPA v2 with AES
> enc.  802.1x for auth.  The radius server config on the controller is using
> MSCHAPv2 by default.  Is that what you were looking for?
> Thanks for your help-
> Rob
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