Issue with local authentication of MS-ChapV2

Hanavan, John (John) jhanavan at
Wed Jan 19 21:56:25 CET 2011

I am trying to get PEAP/MS-ChapV2 working on my Radius Server.  The version I am using is FreeRadius 2.1.8.  I already have EAP-TLS working between a FreeRadius Server and an XP supplicant, so I am pretty sure that my certificates are configured correctly on the FreeRadius Server as well as the XP supplicant that I am trying to configure PEAP/MS-ChapV2 on.  I have attached the FreeRadius debug log from one of my attempted connections.  It appears that the EAP-TLS tunnel comes up but the MS-ChapV2 authentication fails.  I did see this warning:

Warning:  Found 2 auth-types on request for user 'jsmith1'

But I am uncertain what it means and how to correct it.  As stated earlier, I am trying to use local authentication for the MS-ChapV2 and this seems to be the point of failure.  I have a packet capture between the Radius Server and the authenticator showing Radius Access Challenges and Requests but no Access Accepts.  Not sure what I have mis-configured, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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