force_check_config - how to use?

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jan 20 15:23:06 CET 2011

William Bulley wrote:
> This it true: the ntlm_auth line is expanded at run time.  My question in
> this thread is for the consideration of more throrough _syntax_ checking
> - without expansion - during the -XC process.

  How does the server now that some random module will expand some
random string in the configuration file?

  FYI, it's possible to have "%{...}" in a string which *isn't*
dynamically expanded.

>  Proper _syntax_ checking
> would have caught this gnarly typo.  Discovering the actual problem was
> made more difficult by admins assuming that -XC was more than the above
> described superficial configuration test.  Thank you for your repsonses.

  The only way to test run-time expansions is by running packets through
the server.

  If you have a *patch* which helps, great.  Until then...

  Alan DeKok.

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