Generating a Microsoft compatible CSR for FreeRADIUS

Sallee, Stephen (Jake) Jake.Sallee at
Thu Jan 20 19:27:52 CET 2011

I need help generating a Microsoft compatible CSR for my FR server that I can get signed by a public CA.

The documentation mentions special OID's that need to be present for MS machines to accept the cert, but I can't find WHAT those OID's are so I can make sure I include them in the CSR.

I know the docs also say that it is not best practices to use a publicly signed cart because ANYONE can auth against the server, however since I am in a position where almost all of the computers will NOT be managed by our staff (they are student workstations)  a public cert seems perfect.

If anyone has another route that will allow me to auth windows clients without having to manually install certs and/or manually configuring the wireless adapters I would be very grateful to hear your suggestions.


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