Unknown CA error in FR Debug

Sallee, Stephen (Jake) Jake.Sallee at umhb.edu
Mon Jan 24 15:07:24 CET 2011

Firstly thank all of you who assisted me in trying to get a public cert working, regrettably since Microsoft apparently lost all intelligence in dealing with 802.1x wireless authentication it looks as though I will be using a private cert.

That being said, I have generated the new private cert using the bootstrap script (I did, of course, change the parameters to suit my needs) and I now have my shiny new private cert...however, after I import the new cert into my clients I am still getting the unknown CA error in my FR debug.  The client is obstinently silent, which makes me want to smash it with a hammer, but that is beside the point.

What cert should I import into the client and in what cert store location should I put in?  The clients are windows based BTW (usually Win 7)  THANKS for all your help.

Jake Sallee
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