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Tim McNabb tim at
Mon Jan 24 21:22:30 CET 2011

Thanks to everyone for your responses! I'm still trying to pick apart how it is configured though it is pretty standard IMO. radiusd.conf and clients.conf seem to be the only two modified files.

I'll perform a mysqldump so I can test it out and see if the default config will run ok. Will let you know how everything turns out!

Thanks in advance,


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Tim McNabb wrote:
> I have a curious question though. Since the current version is 
> substantially older than what we’re moving to, how will this affect 
> the sql database? Will I be able to install the newest version of 
> FreeRADIUS and just perform a mysql dump from the old server to the new one?

  Look at the schema.  It should be pretty similar, IIRC.  You might even be able to use the DB unchanged.

  The most you'll have to do is add an "operator" field.  See the SQL docs && examples.

  Alan DeKok.
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