dynamic VLAN assignment w/ mschapv2 against AD and LDAP

Alexander Clouter alex at digriz.org.uk
Mon Jan 24 22:38:08 CET 2011

schilling <schilling2006 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am trying to play with your configuration, basically I have a
> virtual server call auth as your example, and modified my eap.conf for
> peap to use auth.
> what's the config:local.MY.realm? My debug showed
Phil pretty much covered it (and in a neater manner I was not aware 
could be used, but it is obvious now seeing it...), I put all the 'local 
site' specific details into a single configuration file (including 
SQL/LDAP binding credentials) so that if I want to give someone a copy 
of my config, ll I have to really do is trim the 'local' file and know I 
have not leaked anything important.

For example, just after '$INCLUDE clients.conf' in the main radiusd.conf 
file I add '$INCLUDE LOCAL/local.conf' and that LOCAL/local.conf file 
local.MY.hostname               = iodine.it.soas.ac.uk
local.MY.addr.v6                = 2001:630:1b:6004:168c:9d91:127f:bb0c
local.MY.addr.v4                =

local.MY.realm                  = soas.ac.uk

local.addr.v6                   = 2001:630:1b:1001:624a::15bb
local.addr.v4                   =

local.test.username             = test-username
local.test.password             = [ahem]

local.ldap.server.1             = ldap1.soas.ac.uk
local.ldap.server.2             = ldap2.soas.ac.uk
local.ldap.username             = cn=cheese,ou=is,o=tasty
local.ldap.password             = NOM

local.sql.server                = sql.soas.ac.uk
local.sql.username              = radius-username
local.sql.password              = oh-so-very-secret

local.cert.password             = omg-do-not-tell-anyones


$INCLUDE ${confdir}/LOCAL/templates.conf

$INCLUDE ${confdir}/LOCAL/policy.conf

$INCLUDE ${confdir}/LOCAL/proxy.conf

$INCLUDE ${confdir}/LOCAL/clients/


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