Question on Virtual Servers and inner-tunnel

Brett Littrell Blittrell at
Wed Jan 26 00:18:57 CET 2011

Hi All,
    Hope this is not to stupid of a question but I have been checking out the inner-tunnel virtual server under sites-enabled.  I read up a little on virtual servers and it looks like the inner-tunnel virtual server is just a regular old virtual server yet in the comments is says it specifically handles inner tunnel requests.  I went through the default config for the inner-tunnel and did not see any commands that were un-commented that seemed to specify that the server exclusively dealt with inner-tunnel requests.  So my question is wether naming the server inner-tunnel causes it to exclusively handle inner-tunnel requests, in other word is inner-tunnel a hard coded name that has to be used for handling inner-tunnel requests?
Brett Littrell
Network Manager
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