Question on Virtual Servers and inner-tunnel

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The inner tunnel virtual server can be specified in the eap configuration.
By default it is the inner tunnel virtual server. J 

See the ttls/peap/etc sections of eap.conf




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    So I guess the follow up question is then, if I want to create multiple
virtual servers, I am going to have to find this config file if I want those
servers to deal with the inner-tunnel requests or are you suppose to just
define another server in the inner-tunnel file if you want a second virtual
server that deals with inner-tunnel requests?


    That was a lot of certs?  I have a lot more, those are just the most
recent....HeHe...  I would attempt a cert in freeradius so I can pick it up
faster but I never heard of a class for it much less a certification or
training materials...


Thanks for the fast response.



Brett Littrell

Network Manager



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That's a stupid question for someone with so many certs! ;) jus givn ya

AKAIK it's not hard coded. In a config file somewhere is probably something
like: if request type is 'x' then server inner-tunnel. Its been some time
since I looked at the conf files so I can't say for sure which one and



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Subject: Question on Virtual Servers and inner-tunnel 

Hi All,


    Hope this is not to stupid of a question but I have been checking out
the inner-tunnel virtual server under sites-enabled.  I read up a little on
virtual servers and it looks like the inner-tunnel virtual server is just a
regular old virtual server yet in the comments is says it specifically
handles inner tunnel requests.  I went through the default config for the
inner-tunnel and did not see any commands that were un-commented that seemed
to specify that the server exclusively dealt with inner-tunnel requests.  So
my question is wether naming the server inner-tunnel causes it to
exclusively handle inner-tunnel requests, in other word is inner-tunnel a
hard coded name that has to be used for handling inner-tunnel requests?




Brett Littrell

Network Manager



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