radius.log records individual client IP. Possible??

Difan Zhao difan.zhao at guest-tek.com
Thu Jan 27 18:03:12 CET 2011

Hi experts,

I'm wondering if it's possible for the radius.log file to show the NAS IP instead of the "client" name (which is IP range in my case).

Currently the log looks like:
Thu Jan 27 11:53:15 2011 : Auth: Login incorrect: [08000f513f60/08000f513f60] (from client port 50303 cli 08-00-0F-51-3F-60)

It'd be ideal if it can show the IP of the NAS where the request is coming from. I know I could configure the client file to have individual IP for each client instead of entire subnet. However just wondering if there is easy "switch" to turn it on lol


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