Rejecting EAP-TLS based on cert Subject field

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Fri Jan 28 12:36:39 CET 2011

On 27/01/11 21:30, Matt Garretson wrote:
> On 1/27/2011 3:03 PM, Phil Mayers wrote:
>>> I've met this need (using 2.1.11 from git) with a simple bit of unlang
>>> in post-auth{}:
>>>    if ( "%{TLS-Client-Cert-Subject}" =~ /OU=Evil/ ) {
>>>      reject
>>>    }
>> Just put this in the "authorize" section? If it's early in the EAP
>> conversation, TLS-Client-* won't be set so won't match, meaning this
>> will succeed as soon as yo uget that far.
> I'm not sure I follow you here.  Are you saying that there is a place in
> the authorize section where TLS-Client-* _would_ be accessible to
> unlang?  I've tried it in a few places (before eap, after eap, at the
> top of the section, at the bottom of the section) and it seemed to have
> no effect.  But it's entirely possible that I missed something during
> these tests.

You're right, I'm wrong.

EAP of course runs all its guts in the "authenticate" section, so 
nothing is available during the "authorize" section.

Sorry for the noise.

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