freeradius data encryption modes

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Hey Gustav,
    WPA and AES is the encryption that occurs between the client and
the Access point, not from the client thru the AP to the Radius server. 
The client establishes an encrypted connection to the AP using
WPA/AES(or Tkip), the AP then decrypts that info and uses radius and
it's own encryption methods to query the username, password to get
authorization and access levels.  So WPA/AES ends at the AP.
Hope that helps.
Brett Littrell
Network Manager

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Hi @all, I have installed a freeradius server succesfully. I can login
with all my clients using WPA2 (AES-CCMP) PEAP with mschapv2.
Last week I got a new notebook that don´t support the data ecryption
AES-CCMP. The data encryption that I can specify (in WPA2 with
PEAP/mschapv2) only is AES, AES MFP, TKIP and TKIP MFP.
Here´s my question, can I configure my freeradius server to support

Thanks for help...

Greetings Gustav
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