FreeRadius 2.1.10 with Oracle support under Fedora 14

Fajar A. Nugraha list at
Tue Jul 5 14:33:04 CEST 2011

On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 7:12 PM, Aurélien Lafranchise
<aurelien_lafranchise at> wrote:
>> Short version, you need to compile oracle support yourself. There
>> won't be any distro ship with freeradius-oracle due to lincense issue
>> (well, except Oracle Linux, if they want to).
> I don't understand why, because the instant client is a free tool so why not
> use it directly in the FreeRadius package ? It exists a Oracle package for
> Perl...

As Alan said, licensing issues.

I don't know about perl, but php's Oracle support basically just
distribute php's part of the source code. You still need to download
Oracle's software separately, and compile it.

The main difference between php's method and FR is that php allows you
to built just a module without the need for the complete php source
code. AFAIK that's not possible in FR.

>> What's wrong the 2.1.11 that you compiled earlier?
> Two problems with 2.1.11 :
> firstly, it was a mess on my server because I mixed the two versions
> secondly, I compile but it was not ok with Oracle (don't know why), and I am
> using chkconfig for configuring the services and I didn't manage
> start/stop/restart with the service command.

A "clean" way to do this is:
- get F14's freeradius SRPM
- modify the spec file so it will build oracle module
- build the RPM on your box
- install it to replace F14's RPM

All that should be doable, but takes time. I doubt anyone will go out
of their way to help you do that for free. So you have some
- wait and pray, hope someone will give you what you need
- learn about how RPM works, and do it yourself
( is a
good start)
- ask for quotation from professional service, and if it's within your
budget, pay them (I think should provide the
service. Ask Alan to be sure).
- post a bounty with your budget and requirement, and hope someone
with enough experience can take it.


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