AW: LDAP redundant with LDAP-Group within users file

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Tue Jul 5 17:05:21 CEST 2011

On 07/05/2011 02:52 PM, Jan.Gnepper at wrote:
>>>> Defining all three server whithin one section in modules/ldap
>>>> ldap { server = "<IP ldap-1>   <IP ldap-2>   <IP ldap-3>" .}
>>>> And setting just "ldap" within authorize and authenticate:
>>>> With this config an other ldap server is choosen, if the one
>>>> that has handelt the communication for ldap group extends
>>>> fails. But failover took 15 minutes. Thats much too long for
>>>> us. (1-3 minutes at most will be acceptable, "zero outage"
>>>> gorgeous/expected)
>>> It should not take 15 minutes.
>>> What is your "net_timeout" set to?
>> net_timeout = 1 timelimit = 2 timeout = 4
>> For testing i added a hostroute to an other gateway (=host
>> unreachable)
> OK, i tested around with a single ldap section. Setting a route to a
> different interface for testing was a bad idea! I watched at the
> connections on the ldap port, and made my tests. - I made the first
> request (with positive answer) - A connection to one server was opend
> and resides "established"! - adding the route for that server to an
> other gateway - the established connection is still visible (netstat
> -anlp | grep<ldap-server-port>) - all requests for the next 15
> minutes fail (server not rachable) - after 15 minutes, the esablished
> connection terminates, and a new connection to an other server is
> opened. Radius has switched to an other server, and everything went
> fine from now on.

I don't understand where that 15 minutes is coming from; unless there's 
a bug in libldap, the net_timeout should end up being a timeout on the 
select() call, and should take at most that long to fail.

> But i made the same test again, with "tcpkill" from the dsniff
> package, instead of setting a route. And with this tests radius
> switches imediately to an other server, no request fails! :-)
> Now is just unclear, will these tests be representative for real
> ldap-server or connection problems?

Not necessarily. You may or may not receive a TCP RST or ICMP error for 
an existing connection if your LDAP server goes down; you certainly 
can't rely on it.

Basically, no: not always.

libldap needs to use and honour the timeout value, and I'm not sure why 
it isn't doing it. I haven't had time to test it yet, but will try later 
this week.

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