Macbook Freeradius connection issue

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Wed Jul 6 13:26:58 CEST 2011


> We use FreeRadius 2.1.9.
> It works fine, but Macbook user can't connect. 
> I have to activate only TTLS and PEAP  in WLAN settings (802.1x) on the macbook, then it works.
> Do exist any other possibility for MAC user?

by default, OSX has a lot of EAP types enabled...and will try to use them
all , in-order....which means a lot of junk EAP attempts - which your FR
will reject if it doesnt know - and may confuse the AP/NAS - certainly if
you dont allow FreeRADIUS to handle unknown EAP types.

if you only support PEAP and TTLS then ensure that your clients are
configured correctly.

recommend using either the enterprise deployment tool (profile configuration
generation tool), an OSX config script, well documented instructions or
an 802.1X tool such as XpressConnect from cloudpath.


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