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Paulo Maia <phc.maia at> wrote:
> Here is the thing , im trying to use Mac-Auth , I managed to get 
> working using authorized-macs files , although i need to use a mysql 
> table witch i already have with the ssid and mac-address fields and i 
> need to add an operator to expired macs , coz i work at a college 
> campus and students mac-addresses need to expire acording to their 
> course period.
A far better way is to use 802.1X and get the user to use their username 
and password to connect.  Once their course ends, the account is expired 
and the student no longer can connect.

If you do go down this route, I strongly recommend you hook up locally 
with the local outfit if that is an option for 

802.1X (using PEAP) can be now pre-primed on Windows laptops laptops 
for free so you can just pass out an installer to the students to get 
themselves connected:

Believe me, collecting and managing MAC addresses is not something I 
would wish on anyone.


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