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MAC-Auth has its place, but I agree with some others this isn’t the best fit.  MAC spoofing = easy.  User gets new NIC or computer = often.

“You” don’t need to do anything on the client.  How about you set a default VLAN with restrictions, a captive portal of sorts.  They don’t need to “login”, but every DNS request lands them on a page that says: You’re not authenticated; you need to follow the directions in this link.  Have a how-to with pretty pictures and stuff, I’m sure there are many already on the web. ACL on the default “GUEST” VLAN restricts their IP access as you see fit.

Bottom line, users can enable / configure 802.1x supplicant themselves with a little guidance.  In the long run you’ll be WAY better off with 802.1x.  IMHO.


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I dont want to enable 802.1x auth in the clients coz i have over 3000 computers and i dont have AD to set a gpo to set in all clients  ....  But i do have all mac-addresses . I dont know if im going the wrong way here .

Thanks ,
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Ok guys thanks .
One other question tough  .... i have configured radius settings in the switch (c2960g) with aaa-newmodel dot1x port-control auto and the requests are getting to the radius server OK . But it keeps asking for user/pass auth and . Is there a way to authenticate the mac-address without enable 802.1x in the client computer ?

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>    Hi Guys ,
>    Here is the thing , im trying to use Mac-Auth , I managed to get working
>    using authorized-macs files , although i need to use a mysql table� witch
>    i already have with the ssid and mac-address fields and i need to add an
>    operator to expired macs , coz i work at a college campus and students
>    mac-addresses need to expire acording to their course period . Any ideas ?
>    Thanks in advance .
put MAC address in the radcheck table and set an Expiration. should work a treat

00-11-22-33-44-55 Expiration := "10 Jul 2011"

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