MySQL Collation and Multiple Login Possibility Help

Deepak d88pak at
Mon Jul 11 12:16:49 CEST 2011

Hi all,

This is a chilli+FR implementation and running well.

Today by accident, I found out that multiple login is possible for the
same account.
Although Attribute (User-Password) is treated case-sensitive,
'username' is not during authentication.

To further clarify:
Original Account created

username = ABCDE
User-Password := 123456
Simultaneous-Use := 1

but found out that
ABCDE 123456
Abcde 123456
ABcde 123456
ABCde 123456
ABCDe 123456
aBcde 123456
are all valid login.

OS: CentOS 5.5
DB: MySQL 5.5
FR: 2.1.17 (pacakged with CentOS)

It seems like it has more to do with MySQL query. Quick googling
revealed that query needs explicit COLLATE command to make the search
case-sensitive for non-binary text.

But I don't know where in FR i can modify this query.

Can somebody show me the right direction?

I am not sure if this has been fixed for newer FR versions.


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