Yet another multiple SSID setup question

Nick Kartsioukas lists.freeradius at
Wed Jul 13 17:37:38 CEST 2011

On Wed, 13 Jul 2011 09:33 +0100, "Alexander Clouter"
<alex at> wrote:
> I would *strongly* recommend you run just one SSID and use VLAN 
> assignment in post-auth to 
> The huge advantage is that *every* user at your organisation can follow 
> the same instructions to connect to the wireless (and wired) network.  
> It is also then trivial to put in 'eduroam'; if you use 'eduroam' from 
> day one (*strongly* recommended to avoid pain down the road). 

I appreciate the suggestion and may re-visit this some day, but I am
replacing a Cisco ACS appliance that is going end-of-support in an
existing wireless setup and I don't want to make extensive changes to
anything user-facing at this time.  Any ideas on my issue, or pointers
to documentation that would help me out?

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