How to setup Freeradius in a Domain

Nick Kartsioukas lists.freeradius at
Wed Jul 13 18:29:14 CEST 2011

On Wed, 13 Jul 2011 08:20 -0700, "sgilmour" <sgilmour at>
> I just want to make sure I understand this.  The only way is to be able to
> login to my PC with a Domain is to incorporate freeradius with an Active
> Directory server.  There isn't a way to do this without using Active
> Directory and to have freeradius do this independantly?

Correct, but it's not too difficult.
Here are some docs I followed to get a Debian machine joined to my AD

You can stop after you've joined the domain, you don't need to proceed
through the setting up authentication steps.  After that, go to the
section "Configuring FreeRADIUS to use ntlm_auth" at
and try it out.

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