SoH - FR 2.1.11

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Thu Jul 14 16:24:02 CEST 2011

On 14/07/11 14:30, Palmer J.D.F. wrote:
> Hi,
> We've started to look at SoH with the intention to implement it for the
> new academic session in September, but are having an issue.

Cool (I wrote it)

> The server is setup using the example soh-server, but find that the
> condition in the example (below) isn't being satisfied when a client
> with no AV returns it's SoH status. (SoH Reply below)
> It appears after some trial that only the first of the
> "SoH-MS-Windows-Health-Status =" attributes is considered, if I
> manipulate the condition to check the firewall status which is returned
> first it works. Is this a bug or something I've done wrong?


I thought that the =~ regexp operator tried all attributes on the 
left-hand side; that is, I thought it looped through until it got 

If it doesn't, then the idea of squeezing all the SoH data into a 
multiple instances of a single text attribute is going to need 
revisiting (or the "foreach" unlang operator will need backporting!)

Can you post a full debug?

> Example condition...
> if (SoH-MS-Windows-Health-Status =~ /antivirus (warn|error) /) {
> SoH Status Reply...
> SoH-MS-Windows-Health-Status = "firewall ok snoozed=0 microsoft=1
> up2date=1 enabled=0"
> SoH-MS-Windows-Health-Status = "antivirus error not-installed"
> SoH-MS-Windows-Health-Status = "antispyware ok snoozed=0 microsoft=1
> up2date=1 enabled=1"
> SoH-MS-Windows-Health-Status = "auto-updates ok action=download"
> SoH-MS-Windows-Health-Status = "security-updates ok all-installed"
> Separate to this, an observation from the SoH reply after I'd installed
> Microsoft Security Essentials; the two hashed lines below show that
> Microsoft Security Essentials is classed as being non-Microsoft.
> I presume this the NAP service on the client making this decision, not

Correct. The SoH code just parses the horrible binary payload that the 
client sends. It's not clear what the "microsoft" bit in that payload 
means semantically; I suspect it means "built-in windows component"

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