how to get this logentry correct

Cor Bosman cor at
Mon Jul 18 00:04:21 CEST 2011

Hey Arran,

> Hmm yes, pretty out of date way of doing things, the problem is you're explicitly forcing authentication to succeed, and calling the exec module really late...

Yeah, the author of multiotp doesnt seem to know about the out of date method, his docs still mention the old method.

> See here for a guide:
> If you're using FR 2.1.11  just remove '${policy.multiotp_prefix}' from regexp in the authorize section
> If you're using a version lower than FR 2.1.11, please upgrade.

Im still using 2.1.10,  it's the current version for debian squeeze. But with your pointers I was able to adapt your example to work in 2.1.10 and now everything works perfect.

Thanks, much appreciated


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