Trying to wrap my head around FreeRadius config

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>   So ask *specific* questions about what you expect, what's happening,
> and what you think is going wrong.

>   Ask small questions, instead of long ones.  It really makes a
> difference.

Well, ok, I'll start again, go as far as I can, and then ask questions about
what I'm seeing and what I don't understand.

>   Users don't log into switches.  Details matter.

They do if they need to configure the switch.  I meant admin users, not
general users, but it's still authenticating a user account using RADIUS.

>   In any case... just configure AD as an LDAP server.  Uncomment "ldap"
> in raddb/sites-enabled/default.  It *will* work.

Hang on, this works?  I thought I'd read online again and again that if
you're authenticating against Active Directory, you must use ntlm_auth,
because AD doesn't respond properly to the LDAP and KRB modules?  I'd
specifically tried to research this very question, and thought I'd come out
with the understanding ntlm_auth needed to be used?  Will LDAP work properly
against AD?

>   I have no idea why this is a problem.  Follow the guide on
>  It's detailed, and it works.

Which specific guide are you talking about?  Or are you talking about the
several individual guides I'd mentioned before?
>   Alan DeKok.

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