Freeradius Ldap mosule is authenticating with wrong password also

vijaysingh vijay.singh at
Fri Jul 22 17:16:52 CEST 2011


I have configured freeradius with LDAP authetication with my windows 2008
active directory. Two condition should met to authenticate the user 1.) User
password should match 2.) user should be member of cisco group. 
Freeradius is cheking second condition only and if user enter wrong or blank
password it is autheticating the user. Kindly help what can be the issue? I
am getting following two errors in logs :-

[ldap] WARNING: Deprecated conditional expansion ":-".  See "man unlang" for
[ldap] ... expanding second conditional

[ldap] looking for reply items in directory...
WARNING: No "known good" password was found in LDAP.  Are you sure that the
user is configured correctly?

If required I can post full logs and configuration file here.


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