How to allow a user login in a certain time?

Lingfeng Xiong jilingshu at
Mon Jul 25 05:30:06 CEST 2011

hi there,
I am writing a authentication system for a public Cisco System laboratory of
a university. This system allow user to subscribe a cisco device in a
certain time and during that time, the subscriber should be able to login
that device. I have already build a FreeRadius server and configure my Cisco
device to authenticate user via Radius. But I have no idea how to configure
FreeRadius to control the login time.
For example, a user subscribe a device named 'Test1' for 'July 30, 2011'
from '10:00 a.m.' to '12:00 p.m.'. He should be able to login 'test1' during
that time, but not before or after.
I know there existed a module named 'rlm_logintime', but it seems like that
module can only supply me with scheduled login plan, not a certain time
period. So could you give me some advice? Thanks.
BTW: I am runing FreeRadius 2.1.11 on a FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE system. A MySQL
database is also running for FreeRadius.
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