Proxying based on a regex

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We did this through our realms see code:

In your proxy.conf

realm "~.*umhb\\.edu$" {
#### some code here###
###usually the virtual server you want to proxy them to###

If I am understanding your question right that should do it, but others may have a better way .. or I could be on crack ...

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Subject: Proxying based on a regex

I'm trying to configure our FreeRadius (2.1.9) server to proxy based on the format of the ID. I have a working regex that determines the domain to which the request should be sent, but I'm having a hard time figuring out the syntax of the proxy statement. Here's what I've tried:

if (User-Name !~ <REGEX>) {
else {
	proxy: LOCAL

FWIW, I can successfully authenticate do the "" realm by using userid at

Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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