FreeRadius and MacOsx (LDAP vs Kerberos)

Massimiliano Tommasi m.tommasi at
Tue Jul 26 22:33:35 CEST 2011

Hello guys,
I spent many days testing and working with free-radius and LDAP.
I got my app, was working authenticating on my LDAP thru FreeRadius, i
seed to be what I was looking for...
I tested everything with OpenLDAP on Linux but my "real world", in this
case, is OpenLDAP on MAC OSX Server (open-directory) an it seems to be
pretty different.
I was getting the password from LDAP (on linux) with the field
"userPassword" but on the Mac OSX Server implementation the
"userPassword" is not used..., all the users have the same base64
encoded fake password, which is (decoded) "*******".
I need to authenticate all my users thru freeradius and using the MACosX
Server as backend...
I suppose that Kerberos is the only way, which remains but I have no
experience on Kerberos and Freeradius...
I read, there was something to achieve this aim but right now.., I'm not
able to find something useful on google...
Do you have some idea? Some suggest?
I'm freking out :(


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